International Print Mail Service

From parcels to postcards, we've got your posting needs covered.

Print mail is a service for the delivery of approved periodical publications to addresses abroad. Print mail service is used by associations for the delivery of publications; circulation magazines, newspapers and catalogues. The service provides secure and reliable delivery.

Egypt Post will expose samples of the lodgment to Customs authorities and other related authorities to ensure that the contents comply with the Egyptian

Publications eligible for the Print mail service:

To be eligible for Print mail, a publication must:

  • Be approved by the competent authorities in Egypt.
  • Origin country is Egypt.
  • Be a continuing periodical with a fixed title.
  • Be issued at least twice each calendar year.
  • Consist of printed matters.
  • Comply with Egypt Post standards dimensions.
  • Printed matters are accompanied by a CN 22 or CN 23 customs declaration form prepared by the sender, the nature of the contents shall be indicated directly on the item (CN 22/CN 23).
  • Supplementary service to meet all mailing needs like Registered mail is available for additional fees.

In addition, each copy of an issue, including any supplements must:

  • Be eligible for carriage by Mail.
  • Not be of itself, or contain a letter.

Size and weight of Print mail items:

  • Print mail is available for Small and Large size categories.
  • Item can weigh up to 1 kg.
  • Mail items can either be enveloped or plastic wrapped.
  • All mail items in a lodgment must be within the same size category.
  • Excess plastic wrapping is not included when weighing plastic wrapped Print mail items.
  • Print mail items must be flat and rectangular and not exceed the size of a large letter.

International delivery options

  • Priority
  • Economy


Each Print mail lodgment must include an accurately completed mailing statement. A Print mail supporting document must also be completed.

Return to sender:

Returned undeliverable Print Mail item to the nominated return address on the item by ordinary Mail. The nominated return address must be an Egyptian address of the person or organization responsible for accepting the undeliverable Print mail items.