International Parcel Service

From parcels to postcards, we've got your posting needs covered.

An international parcel is any article that includes a mail item that exceeds the weight or dimensions of Air mail letter, and complies with the following requirements.

Maximum weight

The maximum allowed weight of an international parcel to most countries is 20 KG, but it can depend upon the destination country and the international post service used to that country. Countries list

Maximum size

  • The length of the greatest linear dimension of an international parcel must not exceed 105 cm.
  • The girth of an international parcel must not exceed 140 cm.

    Cylinders: If the parcel is a long cylinder, its axis (length) must not exceed 105 cm and its circumference (girth) must not exceed 140 cm. Length

    Boxes: If the parcel is box-shaped, then its length (its longest dimension) must not exceed 105 cm. The girth is achieved by measuring around all the other dimensions and must not exceed 140 cm.

To be qualified

  • Parcel must be packed properly and protect other mail item from damage
  • Weight must not exceed 20 KG, according to destination country. Country list.
  • Don't exceed the dimensions of letter mail items.
  • Item is securely packed and wrapped at post office that could allow its contents to be checked by Egypt Post employee.
  • Parcel is accompanied by a CN 22 or CN 23 customs declaration form prepared by the sender, the nature of the contents shall be indicated directly on the item (CN 22/CN 23).

The service Provides

  • A wide range of lodgment points to suit customers’ needs (sorting centers or main delivery offices).
  • Pick up mail from Bulk mailer residence.
  • Counting mail items.
  • Return of undelivered items upon the sender request
  • Account manager to receive and solve any complaint or to fulfill any requirements by the corporate.
  • A unique range of barcode given to the corporate
  • Tracking
  • Submit Enquiry by manual ID (internal reference for the customer).

To Be Qualified to the service as a Bulk mailer

  • Unique Barcode number comply with S 10 Barcode format with 39 font With 2 Initials CP whether Printed or labeled on Parcels on a clear place.
  • To submit Excel Data file for Egypt Post comply to Egypt Post standard data order before 48 hours of Physical mail lodgment.
  • Each mail item of batch must be identical in size and weight.
  • Supplementary service of extra Insurance is available for additional fee.

International delivery options

  • Priority
  • Economy