M Bag

From parcels to postcards, we've got your posting needs covered.

This service is dedicated for Customers whose needs required sending the articles (disks, tapes, and cassettes; commercial samples shipped by manufacturers and distributors; or other non-dutiable commercial articles or informational materials that are not subject to resale) are affixed to or otherwise combined with the accompanying printed papers, certain articles may also be admitted in M bags, provided the following conditions of entry are met:

  • The articles relate exclusively to the printed papers with which they are being mailed;
  • The weight of each item which contains articles in combination with printed papers does not exceed two kilograms.
  • The M bags are accompanied by a CN 22 or CN 23 customs declaration form prepared by the sender, the nature of the contents shall be indicated directly on the item (CN 22/CN 23).
  • The addressee's address shall be shown on each packet of printed papers included in a special bag and sent to the same addressee at the same address.
  • Every M bag shall be furnished with a rectangular address label provided by the sender and giving all the information concerning the addressee. The address label shall be made of sufficiently rigid canvas, strong cardboard, plastic, parchment, it shall not be smaller than 90 x 140 mm with a tolerance of 2 mm
  • Egypt Post provides mail bags from Post office of lodgment. Post charges are assessed on the total weight of the bag and its contents.

  • The maximum allowed weight of each bag and contents is 20 kg.
  • The minimum allowed weight of each bag and contents is 5 kg

International delivery options

  • Priority
  • Economy