International Letter service options

From parcels to postcards, we've got your posting needs covered.

A letter is a mail item includes documents or a postcard or greeting card that conforms to the limits Letter Mail specifications. If an item exceeds the limits of a format in one or more of the four criteria length, width, thickness and weight of 2000 gm. it is no longer a letter mail item, it shall be classified as a parcel mail item.

The service provides:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy Mail lodgment at sorting centers.
  • Pick up mail from Bulk mailer residence.
  • Counting mail items at Bulk mailer residence or at sorting centers.
  • Postages Meter at sorting centers.
  • Priority /economy delivery times.
  • Each mail item of batch must be identical in size and weight.
  • Account manager to receive and solve any complaint or to fulfill any requirement by the corporate.
  • Supplementary service to meet all mailing needs like Registered mail is available for additional fees.

Mail letter item that contains anything other than written correspondence or documents must have the appropriate completed customs form affixed to the front of the envelope. Written correspondence or documents do not include books or magnetic or optical recording media such as tapes, cassettes, computer discs, compact discs and other digital storage devices

International delivery options

  • Priority
  • Economy


Registered Post International letters is an add on secure service for letters and documents up to 2000 grams and M bags , to almost any address in the world.

The service provides:

  • A single price for registration fees to the world.
  • A unique identification number for each article.
  • A signed record of delivery in most countries.
  • Tracking
  • Compensation against loss or damage. (Standard Insurance )
  • A wide range of lodgment points to suit customers’ needs (sorting centers or main delivery offices).
  • Pick up mail from Bulk mailer residence.
  • Counting mail items.
  • Return of undelivered items
  • Detailed Report of Returned mail items
  • Priority delivery service
  • Account manager to receive and solve any complaint or to fulfill any requirements by the corporate.
  • Tracking
  • Submit Enquiry by manual ID (internal reference for the customer).

To Be Qualified to the service as a Bulk mailer:

  • Unique Barcode number comply with S 10 Barcode format with 39 font With 2 Initials RR whether Printed or labeled on envelops on a clear place.
  • To submit Excel Data file for Egypt Post comply to Egypt Post standard data order before 48 hours of Physical mail lodgment.
  • Each mail item of batch must be identical in size and weight.

International delivery options

- Priority

Packaging of valuable items sent by Registered mail:

Valuable items sent by Registered mail must be appropriately packaged



In most countries, the person accepting delivery signs for the article. The delivery office retains the record for six months.
Proof of posting is necessary to claim compensation in the case of total loss of a Registered mail item. To obtain proof of posting, you must lodge the Registered mail item over the counter at post offices. You receive a postmarked receipt that you should retain.

The service is available only as a supplement to mail items forwarded by Registered mail for additional fee.


Proof of delivery provides you with a card, signed by the person who accepted the Registered Mail item and postmarked by the delivery office. The standard Registered mail service includes only a record of delivery that the delivery office retains for one month and saved at Egypt Post main Archiving units for 12 months.

To be qualified for the service:

  • Complete address details of the addressee on a “Proof of Delivery Card” provided by Egypt Post.
  • Pin up each card to each mail item
  • Identify one location as sender address for receiving back Proof of delivery cards.

The Post-delivery office :

  • Obtains the signature of the person who accepts delivery on the Proof of Delivery Card
  • Postmarks the Card to confirm the date of delivery
  • Returns the Card to you on the required address.

Charges : 2 LE

You can make Inquiries about the delivery of a Registered mail item or about loss of or damage to its contents within six months of lodging the item. You must be able to quote the Registered mail barcode number and produce the lodgment receipt. To make an enquiry please call our Customer service Centre on 16789 or lodge a missing item enquiry form online atEgyptPost

Items that are not accepted in Registered mail

  • The mail item is not in sound condition
  • The mail item is not securely sealed
  • The mail item bears the appearance of having been opened and resealed
  • The address is written in pencil or any erasable medium
  • The addressee is a set of initials, an acronym or a code