Direct Mail

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Addressed Direct Mail is a (non-personalized) bulk delivery service which allows corporate customers to geographically target an addressed mail campaign to residential address point in suburbs or cities. Corporates can use Addressed Direct Mail to reach more prospects and acquire them as customers. And ensure their mail campaign only reaches prospective customers. To be qualified:

The content of the item must be advertising in nature.
  • One return address must be used for all mail items.
  • A clear and correct address
  • A PDF file or physical sample of the intended item must be provided to Egypt Post for approval prior to lodgment.
Applying for Addressed Direct Mail:
  • Customers need to provide details of their intended target regions and whether they would like to target at postcode, suburb or city.
  • In case of requiring tracking for Direct mail items, excel data file with Egypt Post standard data order , down load file
  • Override the automatic exclusion of households with “No Advertising Material” stickers or those on ADMA’s “Do Not Mail” list. Customers will also be asked to submit their nominated target regions.
  • The size categories eligible for the Direct Mail service are Small and medium

Delivery Standards

Direct Mail is delivered with letters and other mail as per Regular delivery standards.


Weight Price
From 1 gram to 20 grams 2 EGP
More than 20 grams to 50 grams 2.50 EGP
More than 50 grams to 100 grams 3.50 EGP

Unaddressed Mail delivers unaddressed advertising items to delivery points and letter boxes within a specified geographic area. It has the following benefits:

  • Mail items need not be enveloped or wrapped.
  • No postage stamps are necessary.
  • No addressing is necessary.
  • Mailings can be delivered to any geographic area.
  • Significant reductions on normal postage.

The Reply Paid service can be used in combination with Unaddressed Mail. Special agreements and charges can be negotiated for non-standard service levels.

Unaddressed Mail delivery points:

Unaddressed Mail delivers to all private and / or business delivery points that do not bear the message No unaddressed advertising material or similar words.

Mail items Unaddressed Mail can be:

  • Up to 250 grams in weight
  • Up to 20 mm thick
  • Up to Large letter size
For delivery to a geographic area by special arrangement, Unaddressed Mail can also deliver:
  • Mail items that exceed 250 grams, but weigh below 500 grams.
  • Mail items that exceed Large letter size.
All mail items in a single Unaddressed Mail lodgment must be:
  • Identical in size and weight
  • Lodged in trays or Cartoon boxes that do not exceed 20 kg (including box weight).
Service combinations:

You can use Unaddressed Mail in combination with the Reply Paid service.

Delivery Standards:

Regular delivery


Be paid at the time of lodgment.

Dimensions Small Size Medium Size Large Size
Minimum height 90 mm 90 mm -
Maximum height 130 mm 162 mm 260 mm
Minimum length 140 mm 140 mm -
Maximum length 240 mm 240 mm 360 mm
Maximum thickness allowed 5 mm 5 mm 20 mm
Maximum weight 125 gm 250 gm 500 gm
Ratio of length / width 1.2 1.2 -
Plastic Packaging v v v
Compliance addressing criteria v v v
DL110 mm × 220 mm
C6 114 mm ×162 mm
DLE 114mm × 225 mm
DLX 120 mm ×235mm
C5162 mm ×229 mm
B5 176 mm ×250 mm
C4 229 mm × 324 mm
B4 250 mm × 353 mm
B6 / C4 125 mm × 324mm
Weight Price
From 1 gram to 20 grams 1 EGP
More than 20 grams to 50 grams 1.25 EGP
More than 50 grams to 100 grams 1.75 EGP