Saving Account

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A saving account that enable the both Individual & Corporate clients to enjoy an attractive credit interest rate on the EGP accounts calculated monthly and payable annually on June 30th. And it is able to open new account for the individual less than 21 years old.

  • Both individual & corporate clients are entitled to open ENPO’s saving account
  • Minimum opening balance 50 EGP
  • Maximum account balance 5 Millions EGP
  • Copy of National ID- not less than 16 years old.
  • Minor : Copy of National ID for Guardian ( father , Grandfather of father in case of father death , Certificate of birth ).
  • Dealing with proxy : A copy of the agent's and Client's National ID - A attorney stating the right to open an account, deposit and withdrawal.
  • A deputy account : Copy of the National ID of the account holder and the deputy.
  • Donation : copy of national ID of the individual who opened the account , Certificate of birth of the minor.
  • A joint account : A copy of National ID of the account participants and the identification of the percentages for each.
  • ENPO’s clients can access their account 24/7 through ENPO’s ATM network or 123 Network for cash withdrawal, balance enquiry and so on.
  • ENPO’s debit cards (Visa/Master) are accepted worldwide to enable the clients to withdraw cash and purchasing goods locally & overseas.
  • Enable all ENPO’s payroll clients to access their monthly salary.
  • 7esaby on line
Opening fee: Nil
Annual fee: EGP __ up __ 
Statement fee: EGP __
Low credit balance charges:  Nil