Payroll Automated System

ENPO’S will take the responsibility to pay the monthly salaries (Bonus, increments…) of the Corporate Staff as per the amounts stated by the company. The payment will be done automatically by debiting the company’s account and crediting the employee’s opened accounts within ENPO’S-E Branches.

  • Relieve the burden of their administrative work in terms of time and effort.
  • Avoiding unnecessary fees (cost) related to counting salaries and dispatching them.
  • Reducing all risks related to handling large amounts of cash and relevant insurance.
  • Reducing the probability of error in dispatching exact salary amounts to each employee.
  • ENPO’S will provide the Payroll Automated System to the contracted company, for free, and takeover the responsibility of Training HR staff as well as the monthly processing.
  • Employees can easily access their accounts 24/7, withdrawing cash amounts according to their needs through ENPO’S ATMs
  • Employees can benefit from all the products and services provided by ENPO.

ENPO’S clients can access their account 24/7 through ENPO’S’s ATM network or 123 Network for cash withdrawal, deposit, balance enquiry and FCY exchange

Accepted debit card worldwide, enable the clients to withdraw cash and purchasing goods locally & overseas.

Issued upon client’s request and based on his/her account regularity.


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