III- Remittances-Hawala
(Local Transfers over the Counter)

A financial service provided by Egypt post where is committed to pay an amount of money sent in a form of Hawala from an individual to another or from an individual to several beneficiaries through Egypt post electronic network system within the Republic for a fee for this service.

The fastest way to send money where it takes a few seconds and the consignee can pay the value of the transfer after the proof of identity from any post office.

  • The Instant Hawala validity is extended to 90 day before cancelation.
  • One of the best solution the non-banks to perform their remittances request. Max. limit for Al Hawala is EGP 50,000.
  • Valid ID for both ordering customer and the beneficiary
Hawala amount Charges
Up to EGP 100 EGP 5
From EGP 101 to EGP 800 EGP 8
From EGP 800 to EGP 50,000 1% with min EGP 8 & max EGP 200
All requests are subject to EGP 1 admin fee