Cash Collections

It is a cash management services and refined financial solutions that can be customized to meet ENPO’s clients’ requirements, in a fashion that improving the corporates incoming and outgoing payments, reconciliation, data management, and enhancing the clients’ working capital efficiency.

  • Our cash collection service is enabling the client to utilize ENPO’s network of branches to collect their dues across the country while notifying the client with all the transaction details on the spot.
  • The client will be informed with the transaction details once the transaction accomplished at any of ENPO’s branches.
  • The client will have the option to transfer the fund/collected balances wherever they need
  • Periodical reconciliation with the clients in order to eliminate any risks

All ENPO’s corporate clients.

Transaction amount Charges Min commission Max commission
Up to EGP 5000 0.5% EGP 5 EGP 25
From EGP 5001 to EGP 250,000 0.2% EGP 25 EGP 200
Above EGP 250,000 To be recalculated based on the above tiers   
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