National Postal Authority (Egypt Post)

Established in 1865, The National Postal Authority, is the oldest and most important national institution in Egypt, providing both financial and postal services. With more than 150 years we offer the Egyptian citizens with first class products, Egypt Post became the value partner to the Egyptian family and its culture throughout all this time.

Egypt Post considered as one of the pillars of the national economy through its active role to all other ministries and governmental official correspondences, due to its capabilities with such huge geographical reach in every inch in our beloved country, Egypt Post is able to deliver the highest quality with the least amount of time all over the country. ..

2018, Egypt Post witnessed a remarkable and outstanding progress, with state of arts development in Digital transformation, this led to progress to great success in the last few years, translated in a radical breakthrough in earnings and profitability, this was achieved by adding new innovative solutions and new products and services to our current Services and products portfolio, this gave us the edge in a rival competitive market a strong position in both financial and postal markets. Capitalizing on our business stability which is manifested in our growth rate as we stand as the first choice for our loyal customers we continue our success journey and have yet a lot more to offer in the remaining of year 2018 E commerce! Egypt Post will offer to its customer’s great new products and services that never exist before! We will empower our customers to be active partners by enable them to trade locally or internationally through our new e commerce services, this will also offer our customers new ways to sell or buy across the world using their Egypt Post debit cards (Easy Pay) , this is achieved as a result of last year’s efforts and plans, All this will be as far as one click away at our customers figure and easy to use through the facilitation and developing our new Egypt Post Portal and our new mobile application where our customers can enjoy easy access all new and current services, which will offer a new world ready to be discovered with great potential.

Our 4000 retail branches are offering now a one stop shop to all our customers , this is achieved with a wide range of services for both financial and postal products, providing different types of postal services, starting with its international and domestic Express mail services, parcels services , registered mail services, cash on delivery services all comes with and offered in a convenient price range to be afforded by all Egyptian citizens in addition, we offer first class financial services that match individual or corporate customer’s needs, such as saving accounts , current accounts , Instant Remittances, , Electronic Collection with Notification Service, all served in our state of art retail offices through our unify teller services window (الشباك الموحد) .

In addition, Egypt Post has an important national role in social responsibilities demonstrated by being the arm for the government to offer many services to its citizens such as Pension Payments, utility bills and many other bill services Payment.